A moving expression of tolerance, friendship and love.

This exhibition was held with great success at Copenhagen City Hall, 16th-20th August 2017.

Summary from the report of  Dorrit Raiter  president WIZO Denmark

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Under the guidance of an experienced Danish painter, who is also a WIZO member, and with the help from municipality employees plus Manuèle Amar and Dudu Moatty, we put up the paintings and presentation signs in Danish and English at the beautiful City Hall on 15 August this year.

We also prepared a place for children to make their own paintings.

On the next morning, pupils from two 6th grade school classes of a public school came to see the paintings, learn about the project and finally make their own drawings. 

At the opening speeches were given by a representative of the City Council (as the mayor was ill). Consul Einav Schneller represented the Israeli Embassy as the ambassador was at his daughter’s wedding, Bella Danowsky, represented WIZO Sweden, Dudu Moatty informed about the project and I myself gave a short speech. A choir from the Henrik Goldschmidt music school for Jewish, Christian and Muslim children entertained the attendees with songs related to all groups accompanied by a guitar player and an oud player. More than one hundred people came to attend the opening and were invited by the City Council to have a glass of wine and some of their famous pancakes, while seeing the paintings.

More than 1000 people came to see the exhibition each day during the 5 days. Our guides were busy all day long telling people about the project, and many took the opportunity to make their own drawings like the children had done. All of it happened whilst we had interesting talks about peace and about the state of Israel…Thank you to Dudu Moatty and Sheila Casdi for having initiated and lead this project and to the women behind the paintings for having taken part in it. Thank you to Manuéle Amar for having brought the paintings to Europe. Finally, thank you to the managers of World WIZO for having included the project in the organi-zation as well as also recognizing the subsequent project “Pathways together”. My special and heartfelt thanks goes to Manuèle Amar and Dudu Moatty for coming to Copenhagen with their spouses to participate in the exhibition here.

Dorrit Raiter WIZO Denmark

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