coexist à Afula

Last Sunday September 20th, Danny BENN, the new director of Afula Wizo Center, together with Sheila DVOR CASDI, art teacher and curator of the project, welcomed Ariane, Lea, Lucie and Samir, the four youngsters of COEXIST on their Interfaith tour.

The four are travelling for a 300 days trip around the world to meet people who led successful coexistence initiatives. They collect the information and will report about their encounters, bringing back with them new ideas to be later implemented in France. COEXIST introduced their project to the NGOs at the Council of Europe and will certainly have the opportunity to give them their update on their way back.

Sitting in the middle of the paintings, Dannyand Sheila explained about the Olive Tree project in a very interactive way. Building on all that we have in common makes our future full of promises, Danny said. “I felt that our visitors were amazed by the project, the paintings and by the spirit of our community center. It seems that, like us, they also felt that we are creating an “island of sanity” in these difficult times among the Middle-East.”

Then, they met with Dudu MOATTY, the former director of the center, who took them around with his own students.

They visited the Church of the Transfiguration on the Tavor Mountain. All the bells were ringing, the view was amazing. They went to the Circassian village of Kfar Kama and could hear the muezzin call to prayer. Then they could enjoy a 1h30 nighttime guided tour of Sfat, overcrowded at this spiritual time of the festivals, in the echo of the selih’ot, and a theater piece about Rabbi Luria and Rabbi Benatar, the famous Jewish mystics.

Thanks to Danny, Sheila and Dudu, they could experience from the inside, in a unique way, the many cultures that mingle in the country. They could learn about history, about every day’s life in Israel, about education and Wizo’s skills. And more than that, they could touch with their own hands another picture of Israel’s reality.

Day after day, the Olive Tree project brings more and more people together.

Manuèle Amar